Green Corner Community Garden

Green Corner is located on land owned by the Department of Main Roads at the corner of Waterworks Rd and Jubilee Tce Ashgrove.

This community garden provides a rare space in the inner city for people to come together to grow edible plants, to learn skills, build friendships and to experience the joy that gardening together can bring.

Garden members usually have their own plot to tend and share the work of maintaining the communal areas, creating energy rich compost and will also come together for social catch ups. Together, garden members will plan working bees and will work closely with Communify staff on identifying projects and priorities.

Green corner logo

To see our latest projects in the garden or to get in touch, please visit the Green Corner Facebook group

Green Corner is grateful to have had many of its projects supported through Brisbane City Council’s grants programs.


Kelvin Grove Community Garden

Kelvin Grove Community Garden is a beautiful and thriving flower, herb and vegetable garden located in Kundu Park, Blamey St Kelvin Grove. 

This community garden brings together local residents from a great diversity of backgrounds and celebrates the community spirit of the Kelvin Grove Urban Village.

Kelvin Grove Community Garden is always interested to hear from new gardeners who would like to participate. The garden is divided into individual plots of 3 sq.m ($25 per annum) and 2 sq.m ($15 per annum). Fees include everything you need except for the plants, which are yours to choose. The garden also has a community composting system and a worm farm.

To join the garden you will need to be a committed (but not necessarily experienced) gardener who will participate in working bees and regularly tend your plot. Members enjoy coming together to experience the joy of gardening as well as the occasional social get together in the park.

Even if you don’t want the commitment of a garden plot there are always opportunities to help in common garden areas, grow a few flowers or pick some herbs.

For more information about Kelvin Grove Community Garden please contact us via email on or visit the Garden Facebook page.

Kelvin Grove Community Garden is proudly supported by Communify QLD and the Brisbane City Council.

Visit us at Kundu Park, access via Blamey Street or Hartopp Lane.