This workshop will cover:

  • The 4 pillars of mindful communication
  • Brain biology, how we make decisions and how stress can affect our ability to have healthy conversations
  • Skills and practices for navigating challenging conversations and situations with confidence and grace
  • How to tune into your body’s innate intelligence to dissolve stress and tension in your physical body
  • How to cultivate inner spaciousness to thrive in a world that can leave us feeling small and contracted
  • How to reconnect and nurture your instincts that guide our basic needs in life
  • Skills and techniques to improve emotional awareness and emotional intelligence
  • How to create space and objectively drive a conversation forward
  • How to build bridges instead of burning them and build long term trust

We are looking forward to creating this space within you with you so you can communicate great and connect with anyone around more mindfully and feel good about the world you create!

Tickets available for purchase, here: